Tour Update!

Speak Life! You can be apart of this adventure!

The Speak Life Tour 2015!

So as most of you know I am currently in New York working with All Access Productions (AAP) and I’m loving every second of it. I came on staff planning on being more of a behind the scenes person and I was cast in the show as one of the “Artsy”. So I get to pretend to be a theater kid in a theater production. I’m being stretched and I am growing in so many areas. I am getting to act, dance and sing in the show and it is so much fun! We are a cast and crew of 26 and the stories of how God brought us together are incredible. Some of us have known about this tour for months, some for weeks and others of us found out 2 days before we started and dropped everything to come knowing that this is what we are to be doing. We are all at different parts of life and yet God brought us all together to live life, to learn from each other and to teach each other in these 3 months.

Meet Olivia!

Olivia is 16, she is one of our cast members, lives here on Long Island and is Amazing! She makes me miss Hannah because they are very similar! She loves dance, Jesus and speaking life to the kids in the schools.
One day at a school we were tearing down all our equipment after our performances and 2 students came up to me and asked if I could talk to their friend. I called Olivia over and the girls came back with their friend who had been crying. When we asked her why she was crying she began to tell us her story. She told us of the bullying she had been through at school because of the choices her older sister had made. She told us the things people said about her and how they crushed her. She showed us the dark places of her life that she hid for fear of people looking down on her and pitying her. She told us her weaknesses and showed vulnerability and we got to speak life into those dark hurting places in her life. We didn’t solve all her problems and mend her broken heart but we spoke life and put hope where there had been nothing but hopelessness and broken pieces.

How you can Speak Life!

Here is how you can be apart:

1- You can give! In order to be apart of this all of us raise $3,000 to help offset the cost of what it takes for a school to bring this production to their students. To give online you can go to:!donate/c10q8 or you can send a check made out to All Access Productions to:
P.O. BO 663
Smithtown, NY 11787
Please don’t put my name on the check but put a note with my name on it in the envelope.

2- You can pray! The public schools are the most unreached places in America. We are all giving our time and energy; and hearing the stories of broken students everyday is hard and it can easily overwhelm us to the point that we can’t keep going. So pray for energy as we preform, words to say to the hurting student we speak to and unity as we finish out our time together!


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